Pinewood Social

Nashville’s latest hot-spot, Pinewood Social combines award-winning cooking, pioneering mixology, the city’s best coffee and bowling under one wood-beamed roof.

Reunion Goods & Services was tapped as creative consultant and designer: helping steer the visual vocabulary and design artistic moments that imbue the space with the personality of historic athletic and social clubs.

Thank you to Strategic Hospitality, Landy Gardner Interiors, Manuel Zeitlin Architects, and the various other collaborators for their receptive ears and follow-thru on our proposals and designs.

  • Client

    Strategic Hospitality
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    Nashville, TN
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  • Goods and Services

    Creative Direction
    Space Planning
    Vintage Sourcing

Whenever possible, we look to celebrate a building’s history while creating a new visual context. At Pinewood, the trolley barn’s walls were carefully taped off before adding fresh white paint, leaving the most perfect examples of patina framed as remnants the past.