Hotel Tivoli

Hotel Tivoli and its accompanying farm-to-table restaurant The Corner is a century-old building situated in the historic town of Tivoli, New York. Owned by painters Brice and Helen Marden, the property is filled with an eclectic collection of furniture, lighting and art.

Reunion Goods & Services worked with the Mardens to infuse the space with lightness punctuated by individualistic moments. The design included a restaurant space with a custom marble bar, two dining rooms and ten unique guest rooms.

The identity for the hotel and restaurant was a direct collaboration with Brice whose drawings are paired with reserved text evocative of gallery wall captions. This typography was carried throughout the space, with hand-painted numerals on doors and sparing use of color.

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The ‘bones’ of the building were largely kept intact, including original floors which were sanded and re-stained.